I don’t think there has ever been a more fitting top ten topic for me than this one. Oh my fandoms, it’s time to shine!


Shadowhunters is one of the most recent ones and the most active at the moment. I read the books during my pre-blogging years and then I loved the movie despite the fact that it didn’t have a sequel and instead it was turned into a TV show which had a rough start but we’re finally at a good place and it’s a groundbreaking show when it comes to LGBT representation – just a few days ago it won a GLAAD award for it.


My newest obsession!


It will take forever to list all my favorite Marvel characters. Characters who I’ve been obsessed with since I was old enough to remember them and now, seeing them on the big screen or the countless shows on the small screen it’s just the best thing ever.


Same thing goes for DC, childhood beloved characters who finally got to see on the big screen together.

Game of Thrones

Another one I don’t even have to explain, GoT has become so huge and I’ve been there from the start, reading books, shipping characters, developing theories, everything!


The Musketeers

My favorite book turned into my favorite TV show, what more can I ask, really?

Star Trek

I’m a Trekkie, through and through and I love it!

Harry Potter / One Tree Hill / Twilight / The Tudors / Charmed

Before fandoms were officially cool Charmed and Harry Potter were the first ones, HP is obvious but Charmed was such a favorite, I only had my TV to rely on and watch every episode on the weekends and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Later with the Tudors, it became such a huge thing and with a reason since it was absolutely amazing. One Tree Hill to this day is an endless supply of kick ass music and I mean, come on, who wasn’t into it? Twilight, to this day is an endless supply of books. I’ve read every published novel way back when they were fanfiction. I didn’t even know what fanfiction was but now, it’s everywhere and it has to be the only fandom with so many fanficion stories successfully published.

Old ones and new ones, fandoms will never stop consuming my life, I just have to accept it *happy sigh*


  1. GoT is so easy to fangirl over. There are so many amazing characters and storylines. I’m always behind (no HBO, so I have to wait until it’s out at the library each season), but I still love it. I’m happy to see you enjoy it, too! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  2. Awh, that Musketeers gift is making me want to go and watch the show. And I also really need to go read the book at somepoint. And now I feel like a terrible Arrow fan because I love that show (along with The Flash) and yet completely forgot that they existed! And of course, Hamilton is fantastic and deserves to be on every list.

    1. LOL! I can’t not love DC,it’s full of childhood characters, sure it had a lot of ups and downs – mostly downs – but I still love it. We should appreciate the way movies have developed in the last few decades instead of constantly focusing on the flaws. I love The Musketeers so much I can’t even explain it and the show did the story justice!

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