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Finally a Top Ten topic I can go crazy over. Book boyfriends are kind of my thing so this is going to be a long one, brace yourselves. You see, book boyfriends are very unique, for a character to be deemed “book boyfriend” for me, he has to possess a lot of qualities that are everlasting. The following list for example is full of guys I’ve re-read over and over and over again and I would re-read in a heartbeat. Charming, funny, witty and sometimes sarcastic with dark humor or no humor at all, clever and of course handsome with swoony quotes and above all, tons of love for their SOs in the book. And because this wouldn’t be my list, there’s more than 10 guys in here, I mean, maybe 30, oops, sorry not sorry, so I divided them by categories to make it more suitable for the topic.

the ya boyfriend

There’s a lot happening in the world and you’re both busy but he’s still swoony and what can you do about it. Oh right, fade to black.

Jace Wayland // The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare He’s a Shadowhunter and he’s very aware of how freaking hot he is, which is a plus since YA boyfriends never do but Jace owns it. And he’s swoony.

“I love you, and I will love you until I die and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.”

Dimitri Belikov // Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead He has an accent and he’s older, probably could go for NA but he’s stuck in YA.

the na boyfriend

Will most definitely not fade to black. He’s probably in college  or freshly out and there’s going to be tons of drama before the HEA but oh boy, he’s worth it.

Garrett Graham // The Deal by Elle Kennedy Ahhh my love for GG is still as strong as the day I read The Deal, he’s the best book boyfriend out there and if you haven’t met him yet, do it!

Roman Anderson // #Nerd by Cambria Hebert As far as college boyfriends go, Roman sure is on my top ten list *eyes Romeo* are all fictional sports guys called a different version of Romeo? Because I’m totally cool with that!

Marlon James “Grip” // Flow, Grip, Still by Kennedy Ryan Grip is my newest “book boyfriend” and I just LOVE HIM! He’s a rapper which is a first and so woke and in tune with the community problems, plus he loves fiercely and he’s just the cutest.

Alex Waters // Pucked by Helena Hunting Alex is a guy I haven’t talked about that much, but even before Pucked was published (it was a fanfiction) he was on the book boyfriend list, he’s one of the originals. Here to stay for good, him and his MC.

Gideon Royal // The Royals series by Erin Watt We didn’t see as much of Gideon as I would have liked, but with Tarnished Crown he got his page time and I fell even more in love with him, hands down my favorite Royal.

Carmine DeMarco // Sempre series by J.M. Darhower One of the originals as well. I don’t have a lot to say for Carmine, he’s a dream.

Jaime Followhill // Defy by L.J. Shen I recently talked about Jaime and how much I wish he’d gotten his own full book in the series but still, love him.

Hayden // Clipped Wings series by Helena Hunting One of the originals as well, I love HH’s book boyfriends so much and Hayden is just ahhh so good!

the supernatural/paranormal boyfriend

He’s probably a lot older than he looks, by the centuries and either has fangs or a magical power or both and might be royalty too.

Wrath, Zsadist, Hollywood // Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward My boys don’t need introduction, they slay. Literally.

Wynter Atrialan // The Winter King by C.L. Wilson Nevermind the fact that this is Wynter in my mind, or the fact that The Winter King has a cover that is basically a reader-repeller, if there was a fantasy male hero checklist he checks all the boxes. ALL THE BOXES

the boyfriend who already has a boyfriend

He’s already got a boyfriend but that only adds to his appeal.

Josh & Caleb // Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen

Magnus & Alec // The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Trent & Drew // GearShark duo by Cambria Hebert

Jamie & Wes // Him & Us by Elle Kennedy & Sarina Bowen

Qhuinn & Blay // Lover At last by J.R. Ward

the older boyfriend

He’s a husband. Definitely an old soul. Might not be able to text you since iPhones aren’t a thing yet but he’ll write a letter. One a day.

Dean West // Spiral of Bliss series by Nina Lane Dean is the best book husband.

Noah Calhoun // The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks I mean…

Alexander Belov // The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons *sobs so freaking hard*

Edward Cullen // Twilight He might look like a teenager but he’s not. He will creepily watch you sleep but it’s Edward, it’s Edward.

the villain boyfriend

He’s killed at least one person and he’s not the greatest but why am I even apologizing he’s the best of them all

Draco Malfoy // Harry Potter The kid me didn’t appreciate Draco, the adult me loves him more than anything.

Tate Langdon // AHS: Murder House I have a thing for fictional killers with cute faces I have a problem I know.

Jax Teller // Sons of Anarchy A serious one.

James Buchanan Barnes // Captain America Kind of hate calling Bucky a villain but he is, still I love him and I want to give him plums. Lots of plums.

Anakin Skywalker // Star Wars 

the big screen boyfriend


He dominates the category, he’s Sups, duh!


33 thoughts on “Top Book Boyfriends | #UnrealisticBoyfriendExpectations”

  1. Jace, Jace, Jace! Not to mention that the actor they cast for the series is as yum as I imagined Jace to be..
    Dimitri! Accent! YES! How could I’ve forgotten about him?! It’s been so long since I read those books..

    Alec and Magnus.. Well, doh. Now that’s a couple that could star their own freaking show for all I care.
    Also, the actors for them.. Don’t think they could’ve picked them better.

    As for the Notebook, I just went.. Noah? qlkfjqmlkfjq Noah! JUST GIMME RYAN GOSLING.

    And now that I’m drooling over actors anyway.
    Hooray to Damon Salvatore.

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