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First Top Ten of the year (which has moved to btw) is all about those 2018 bookish goals. Let’s what I’m not gonna do this year, shall we?

  1. Read new authors.
    In 2017 I actually read a lot of new authors which was great I’m looking forward to read some more this year!
  2. Read more standalones.
    So I don’t have to wait for new releases. I mean, I NEVER LEARN CLEARLY.
  3. Wait a few days before I add any new books to my TBR.
    Basically if I like a book, I’ll just bookmark it or something and then re-read the blurb a few days later, if I still like it then I will add it to my TBR. This will never work.
  4. Read more classics. 
    Shocking I know
    . This is a recurring one but I have to stick to it, last year I read The Handmaid’s Tale and loved it so I plan to read at least 2 this year.
  5. Be more strict with my ratings.
    Last year I realized that I was too quick to rate high a few books up to 2016. 2017 gave me a lot of mediocre books and it got me wondering because up until this year I had a habit of rating book right after I finished them, so maybe because in 2017 I took a few days writing my reviews for some of them, it made me re-think my final ratings. This isn’t making any sense. Anyway, I plan to wait at least a few hours to possibly a day or more before rating a book.
  6. Request less.
    I have 2 books on my Kindle from NetGalley I haven’t read yet and I actually had to check NetGalley for the titles because after my reading slump I totally forgot what I got approved for, so yeah.. I need to request less, do the TBR thingy, if I still want a book after a few days, go after it, otherwise I’ll never, ever, get through my TBR.
  7. Read more books from TBR.
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll stop now
  8. Accept review requests.
    I’ve been on so many author PR contacts over the last few years that I never have the time to actually accept email review requests from authors and it makes me feel so awful every time but honestly, THERE’S NO TIME TO READ ALL. THE. BOOKS.
  9. Be more active in the book community.
    I’m terrible at this. When I’m not reading, I’m binge watching and between those two and actual life, I’m hardly ever active. I never use Facebook, I’m barely on twitter and I want more time to visit other blogs. This one is top priority!
  10. Finish my book.
    For those of you who knew I did a NaNo back in November, it went great and it actually gave me another idea for a book but there’s no pressure really, this is mostly so that I can finally get the ideas out of my head and maybe move on?

    There you have it, some of these are laughable and others I will try my best to achieve this year. What goals do you have for 2018?

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2018”

  1. These are great goals! I want to read more classics this year, too, and I’m always trying to be more active in the book blogging community. Good luck with your goals!

  2. My goal is actually the opposite of yours — to accept FEWER review requests. I just can’t keep up and it makes me feel stressed and guilty. So, yeah, I’m resolving to be more selective about what I request.

    Good luck on all your resolutions. Happy TTT!

  3. I’m hoping to accept some more review requests and rate more strictly, too! I didn’t realize that last year I was rating a lot of books four and five stars, but then a month or two later, I had already forgotten the entire premise of the book because it didn’t make that much of an impression on me! Wishing you all the best with your goals in this new year!
    claire @ clairefy

  4. Here, here on more stand alones! So with you on that one. Actually, I want to finish some series I’ve started *and* read more stand alones. Which sounds counterproductive but whatever. I know what I mean.

    Request less. Yep, I’m taking a giant step away from arcs this year. If there’s something from a favorite author that I’m truly excited about – okay. Otherwise, nope. I’d rather be reading the books on my shelves.

    I have a new approach to reading this year. It’s back to basics for me. Zero pressure. Way fewer arcs, no reading challenges, fewer new releases and hyped books. Back to reading for pure enjoyment/entertainment. Reading backlist titles that I’ve put off. Reading the books on my shelves. Taking two weeks to read a book and not feeling bad about it.

    Here’s hoping we are both successful!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…Top 5 Wednesday: Forgettable BooksMy Profile

  5. Waiting a few days is actually a great plan. I sometimes do that with NG or review copies. Like, I’ll just bookmark it. Come back to it later. If I basically forget about or still feel kinda meh after a while, then I figure it’s prob not for me. As for ratings, I’ve yet to figure that one out. Sometimes I’ll wait a day or two so that I can sort out my feelings, but if I wait too long, then I feel like I kinda forget some things and maybe my rating is off now? Being a reviewer is so hard lol. All of your goals sound great though, good luck with them!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bookish Musings: Separating the Author from the Book (Part 2)My Profile

  6. Ahhh I so hope you finish your book!! That’s so awesome you’re a writer too!! And honestly I’m trying to request less from NG as well but it’s not working so far.😂 But it’s early in the year right?! We have time to…request more — I MEAN REQUEST LESS.😂 Good luck with your goals they all sound so awesome!

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