I was lucky enough to discover so many new authors in 2017 and from different genres as well, a lot of them are forever on my radar for future books and I can’t wait to read anything new!


Madeline Miller // I discovered Madeline Miller a few weeks ago when I read The Song of Achilles, from the first few pages I knew this would be on my top ten list and it was. Miller brought to life all those characters I grew up with, she gave them another dimension and she made an all too familiar story into something that will stay with me. I simply cannot wait to read more from her.

Grace Draven // In my utter delight, Draven has a good amount of books published and I can’t wait to get my hands on any of them, already have two more on my Kindle waiting for the perfect moment I’m in the mood for a good fantasy with an amazing romance.

Kennedy Ryan // Ahh I just love Kennedy Ryan. Flow, Grip and Still all made my top ten of the year list because honestly Grip is the most fascinating, wholesome, badass character out there. So well written with so many messages and so many feels throughout the book that I just couldn’t believe I got lucky enough to discover it.

Celeste Ng // Slow burn books are usually not my thing, if it takes too long for any action to happen then I get bored and I lose interest. That being said, Ng managed to not only suck me into this little town but she made me read everywhere, on the subway, during lunch and even while having half a conversation. Win!

Tristina Wright // A lot has been said about this book and the representation of LGBT and race, I had my issues with it as well but I can’t not mention how careful this book is with LGBT+ relationships and how it went beyond when most books go. Wright writes so carefully and with such detail that I devoured this in hours, the action, the relationships, the plot, it definitely put her on m my radar.


Liz Nugent // I can’t shut up about that cover, it made me request this book so fast and I got a new author on my radar!

Lisa Jewell // Okay so maybe this book wasn’t a favorite but good writing is still good writing and I’ve already requested another book by Jewel on NetGalley.

K.A. Tucker // I finally, finally read a book by Tucker and all the feels! It was such a sweet story with so many messages and just delightful.

Nic Stone // All hail Nic Stone! Dear Martin was such a powerful book, so honored to have read an ARC of it, can’t recommend it enough and Stone definitely is on my radar.

Devney Perry // I kept seeing Perry’s books everywhere and I get the hype about it, so well written with good romance and characters.

Have you read any of these authors? Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

26 thoughts on “Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017”

  1. I’m so horrible at keeping track of stats so I usually only know how many books I’ve read – not the details – like new to me authors unless they really stand out.

    I did really enjoy Radiance and I need to read the sequel still. Tucker and Ng are two that I’ve been meaning to try as well.

    Happy New Year!

    For What It’s Worth

  2. I was so impressed with Nugent’s Unraveling Oliver. Just brilliant. And I thought the audio version was perfection.

    Lisa Jewel has long been a favorite of mine. I’ve been reading her since 2005 or so, back when she was still writing chick lit and women’s fiction. She’s definitely taken a turn in her writing with the last few releases.

    Sooo much love for K.A. Tucker. Until It Fades isn’t really like anything else she’s written but I still loved it. Ten Tiny Breaths is still my favorite from her but I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve read.

  3. I really enjoyed both the Soul and Bennett series by Kennedy Ryan. I read the novella for the Grip series, but I need to read the books. I have been meaning to read something by Tucker. Maybe this year.

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