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I haven’t had the opportunity to do a Top Ten Tuesday in a long time but since I’m not really reading anything right now (to be exact not one decent read of the year/month, biggest reading slump I’ve faced so far? Probably!) I chose this topic cause yeah…


Don’t compare your book to another book. No matter how much you try or you think you try or even no matter how close you get you WILL NOT write the next Harry Potter/Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey. So the trend If you liked THIS book you’ll love THIS book is just awful and no. NO.

Don’t copy successful book covers. Again, be creative and unique, copying book trends will not make more readers notice your book, it will make them roll their eyes and move on entirely.

Fashion Police. More often than not I simply don’t care what a character is wearing. The brand, the color, the accessories, bla bla bla. I don’t care. Especially when those details come from a male’s POV. Why?!

Stop putting people in the hospital. The usual trend. About 3/4 of the book someone ends up in the hospital so there can be formed some sort of “moment” between the characters that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Slut shaming. You know, that one “friend” in the book that is all about the boys and sex just to make the heroine look pure and nice and “the good girl”. It’s been done countless times, enough already, try to make your character more realistic and stop making every girl a slut.

The virgin. Pretty much what I mentioned above but that “good girl” goes from being a total have never been kissed before girl to giving a porn star worthy performance. Really?

The ex. That one ex (despite gender) that will only mess things up because that’s what exes are for! Same goes for the millionaire/dominant. Need I go on? No.

Errors. We’re only human of course, that’s why there are beta readers and proof readers and editors, if an author’s note has a mile long thanks for all the above and the book still makes my eyes bleed then something is not right and there’s unfortunately no excuse for it. Sorry not sorry.

Book series. If a book can fit into one book and be epic then why on earth would you stretch it in 853 book series just because it got popular all of a sudden or you hope it will. Let me tell you, more often than not, whatever interesting plot you had going on there, you lost it.

Loving every book. And finally to my fellow book bloggers who love every single book. No you don’t. I get it, no one wants to read negative reviews all the time but it can’t all be 5-star reads.

There you have it, what about your pet peeves?


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. Hey there! 😀 I love your blunt honesty in this post. And I’d probably agree with you on most of these points…maybe all of them but I don’t mind the comparing books to other books trend so much. I feel like it attracts more fans of that series and generates more interest in the book..I just think it helps readers get a feel for what the book is like but at the same time, it would probably chase away people who didn’t enjoy “..insert famous book series…”

    1. LOL thank you, my reading slump is to blame for that! Totally agree, if a reader wants to read more of the same trend then sure, but if not then that will only drive them away, it’s best to let the readers decide if it is similar or not instead of the author branding their own work like that.

      1. 😀 Hahaha that’s alright <3 It totally makes your blog posts stand out (which is a good thing!). 😛 Yes but at the same time, opinions on a book are pretty controversial..I mean there are always people who *absolutely loved* it and *hated* it. I guess either way its hard to make a decision about it without running into some problem or the other!

  2. I agree with most of what you wrote. The most annoying things are when there’s slut-shaming in the book, I mean we girls need to stick together right? And what you wrote about virgins in the books. Some authors make such unrealistic characteristics it’s freaking unbelievable. And I agree with Rachana, that trend was created so that people can find other books about this or that topic. I don’t really mind that trend, only when it gets really outrages…

    All in all, it’s a great topic you’ve chosen.
    Kat @ Reading Owls

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