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I love this week’s TTT! I’ve had a long month with very little (only a couple) winning books out of a number of reads so this was really on point for me. Fiction is fiction, normally things are bound to be a little of the same stuff but after reading about the same tropes over and over and over again a little originality or a different handle on things would be a nice surprise.


It wasn’t hard coming up with ten tropes I really want to stop reading about and I was ready to make half and half post about book habits too but the tropes won.


  • Insta-love. No need to explain, give your characters the time to fall in love so that the reader has time to fall in love with their love. If the cheesy lines and settings make me roll my eyes so hard I get a headache, it’s not a winner.

  • Bad or dead parents. In order for the main character to be a leader or out in the world doing whatever, a parent is a problem, so killing them is the obvious choice, plus it gives the main character an extra anger boost to defeat the bad guys. And a bad parent is always to blame for the bad boy being an asshole or a good guy; parenting is generally a thing only a few books feature.

  • The one. The savior. The one that will magically fighting for whatever the book stands for and completely ignore the secondary characters that will prevent that one from getting killed in the process but the one gets all the credit.

  • Literature love. Yes, in order to make the main character seem like a good person, she/he reads the classics so much she/he has them memorized. Especially in 2015. And especially the dudes. Hot guy quoting Shakespeare is swoony and utterly believable.

  • Makeover. No matter how utterly naturally beautiful the main character is, she needs girl time and a makeover to really get the dude’s attention. But he will always like her au naturel.
  • I can’t put my finger on it feeling. The prelude to epic romance is always hinted at with that feeling the main character can’t put their finger on. Always.
  • Ex from hell. The ex that won’t take no for an answer. She might end up faking a pregnancy, or answering the phone or doing something girlfriend-ish that will make the heroine throw a fit and maybe go on a date with the other dude.

  • Friend in love. The dude from above. He’ll forever be in love with the heroine but when she ends up with the hero, the friend will find his one true love. All is well in love land.

  • Characters won’t talk. The whole story could probably end with one book but one of the two will get mad at something the ex or friend did and that misunderstanding will lead to one or two more books.

  • So pretty it hurts. The beautiful as sin heroine who is completely oblivious of course but everyone else notices. She doesn’t. Never. And she scoffs at compliments. A lot.

Familiar stuff… any tropes you don’t want to read about?


12 thoughts on “Tropes I Want To Stop Reading About”

  1. Great list Kei! I’m so with you on some of these. My #1 pet peeve and trope that I am totally over: characters who don’t talk. Ugh! Like, the entire conflict is built on some lame misunderstanding that could be solved in 5 minutes if they talked but no, that would be way too simple. So annoying. The insta-love is another that has to go. And the gorgeous girl who is totally oblivious to her looks. Oh, puh-leeze!

    My TTT:

  2. You’re right, we did include some of the same ones! And I definitely agree with the rest. The ex from hell especially irks me because it just makes women in general look bad and manipulative and makes me embarrassed for my entire gender that we’re being portrayed that way. I was actually just mentioning that in a comment on another blog lol.

    1. Authors should take note and approach those subjects differently – if at all – cause I just spend a whole month reading books that had if not all of these (one had them all) at least half. Not good when books blend in so much it feels like re-reading the same story after a while.

    1. Insta love has become the insta thing to make me give up on a book unfortunately, it’s not believable anymore. I agree, I need more parenting in YA books, I have read very few this year that feature a good parent, more please! Thank you so much ♥

  3. Instalove- absolutely. I’d add love triangles, is that a prerequisite for YA? And the parents thing- it’s funny, I read something an editor said recently where she advised against doing the “parents are gone” thing- and yet you see it all the time! And of course talking- I would just say something but no , they never do.

    1. The love triangle is a given in YA and some NA books unfortunately. Parents are a burden, I’ve read a few books that feature living parents but that’s limited to a phone call or a visit at some point or to ground for plot twists, nothing much. The talking is basically the only thing leading to sequels, like people in real life never talk? LOL, thank you for stopping by!

  4. I’ve seen the not communicating trope used so many times to lengthen a book to a series, and it’s so obvious. The dead parents is another obvious one, parents are suppose to be parents and that would just cramp the heroine/hero’s style, so they need to be dead. Another easy way out of the no parents situation is to ship off to a relative, cause they can do a better job at parenting, and who just so happens to be more open minded on the heroine/hero saving the world or whatever the situation may be. ?

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