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Once in a while – a few times a year if I’m lucky, I find those books that I fall in love with almost instantly and for some reason I don’t see them all over GR or SM like they should be, they just fly under the radar and it makes me sad, I wish more books could share the spotlight because these are too good not to.

THE SPACE BETWEEN HEARTBEATS // There’s only one person who can hear Nicole as she tries to get help, trapped between life and death. A really interesting light on the crime and paranormal book with a hint of romance. AND I HAVEN’T SEEN THIS ANYWHERE!

CITY OF STRANGERS // One of the best books I read in 2017, CoS is the perfect mix of mystery and crime with amazing secondary characters and a story that travels around the world.

THE WINTER KING // Oh my precious. Once again this gem will go unread by a lot due to that hideous cover. Please, please look beyond it and give it a shot, truly a case of bad cover but it’s a gem!

EVERYTHING YOU AND I COULD HAVE BEEN IF WE WEREN’T YOU AND I // This book is as memorable as the long title, you might think that you can guess what the book is about, you can’t.

UNDER DIFFERENT STARS SEA OF STARS DARKEN THE STARS // This trilogy is a favorite of mine, for a lot of reasons I won’t mention so as to not spoil whoever doesn’t know a lot about it, the Kricket trilogy deviates from the norm and I, for once, loved it!

GAMBIT // Another one I loved in 2016, it combines so many familiar element in a way I found really interesting, if it was more popular, Gambit could be the next big thing.

Read any of these? Don’t hesitate to pick up The Winter King, don’t let the cover discourage you!

28 thoughts on “Hidden Gems // Underrated Books I’ve Read In The Past Year Or So”

  1. A lot of good books suffer for having terrible covers. It’s the same with Indie books-poor covers and people thinking it wasn’t good enough to be published stop some great books getting attention. I guess we’ll have to change the book world through our efforts!
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  2. Omg I have not heard of ANY OF THESE. Which I suppose is not surprising since they’re underrated. ? But I’m already in love with half the covers so I’m definitely going to goodreads to look them up.
    Lovely post!!

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