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5 cheating stars!

This book…

I started this book because I wanted to read something different and the blurb was promising. Oh boy, was I right or what!

VIP was simply mind-blowing for the very fact that it treated cheating differently than most books.

When most stories don’t indulge the reader in the background of a marriage and the story of the people that are married and one of them cheats, this one started with their childhood and every significant year of their lives.

I have to say, well played author! I fell in love with the wife and I hated the other woman, something that I almost never do because fictional cheating is always portrayed in such a way that the reader ends up hating the wife – maybe she is a bitch, or maybe the marriage is an unhappy one, so that the other woman can be justified in her actions and be likable. (Hypocritical? Totally but that is not the issue we’re discussing).


The book is almost divided between the two characters, Ysabelle and Sebastian. It starts from a very young age. Ysabelle’s life is a disaster, and I felt for her and the choices that led her to lead the life she did although I didn’t agree with the idea of a girl inevitably following her mother’s footsteps just because she was raised within that world.

Unlike her mother she became a VIP.


Ysabelle tried to convince me that she was content and that she wanted this life of ‘freedom’ and all the extras that came with it and she was doing a very good job until the same pattern was repeated. She fell – hard and fast – even though she didn’t know why (eye rolling here) for the married guy that was paying for her services. As weird and typical as it sounds, Sebastian’s action were in fact justified.

She confused me more than once but again kudos to the author, thanks to her background I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for her even if she had her stupid moments.

Sebastian’s story started when Julia was born. She was from the start a major key to the story although she was not the only one. Sebastian and Julia were inseparable, they were not like siblings, more like soul-mates that just had to be next to one another.

I was rooting for them. As far as Sebastian goes, he can be easily described with one word. Indecisive. He was all over the place.

Julia was his babygirl. That one person that he would never hurt, that one person that come hell or high water he couldn’t not have her in his life.

She was the only character that I liked from the get go. She was the only character that I couldn’t help but hope she’ll eventually be able to save her marriage that was from the very beginning haunted by her dead sister’s memory.

I simply love her, and I do hope that one of the next books will be about her and her happy ending.

But Julia’s parents wanted another baby. So they adopted Olivia.

Olivia was a wrecking ball. I could see it coming, she was the one that changed everything and of course the only person missing from the blurb, which was kind of confusing but also brilliant because I had no idea what would happen with her in the picture and how or if she would affect them.

And affect them she did.

Olivia loved him passionately. She was always willing and always ready to show him just how much even though she knew her sister had feeling for him and Sebastian could never do anything to hurt her – like hooking up with her sister.

I didn’t particularly liked her, for the very fact that even if she was aware of her sister’s feelings and Sebastian’s pull towards her, she still went out of her way to force herself into his life, no matter the consequences. I did love her passion and the way she didn’t give a fuck as long she got a piece of him.

Torn over her character for lots of reasons.

Ysabelle – Sebastian – Julia – Olivia.

And then, major plot twist happens and just when I think that it couldn’t confuse me and excite me anymore, Ysabelle and Sebastian’s worlds collide in a way that I never thought possible even though I knew that would be the outcome.



I hate how much I loved this book, I loved the uniqueness and the boldness of the characters, I loved how the story was split between the two, it made me connect to them, more so than any other book. I literally knew these characters since they were children! It didn’t drag more than it should, at least to me it didn’t seem like it did because I devoured it in hours.

I do have a few issues though such as the spelling mistakes, especially a few at the very first few pages that kind of ruing my ‘book mode’ but I’m always willing to overlook it if the book is as amazing as this one!

Also, I have a few plot wholes that were left open and I hope the next two books will give me some much needed answers, but as far as VIP goes, I recommend it hands down!





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