Well, hello there! Back in the days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I used to entertain myself with the various search terms that people used and lead them to my blog, just kidding, I didn’t blog back then! Some of them were very legit. Others made me question people’s sanity. And other’s were plain weird. So today while doing a bit of a clean up and stuff I stumbled on that ancient source of entertainment and I was shocked. In awe. And truly horrified. But to be honest I enjoyed them all and hope you do too!

search terms, by popularity:

Among the most popular ones were RAW by Belle Aurora, and of course Black Dagger Brotherhood. But let’s back it up a minute, when I say the most popular, I’m talking triple digits here, and they all had the same question:

  • is there a sequel to raw by belle aurora
  • is there a second book to raw
  • is there a follow up book to raw by belle aurora
  • will there be a second book to raw by belle aurora
  • will there be a sequel to raw by belle aurora
  • raw – belle aurora is there a second one?
  • is willing captive and raw related
  • raw second book belle aurora
  • is there another book after raw by belle aurora
  • will there be a second raw book by belle aurora
  • raw belle aurora second book
  • after raw by belle aurora

And to finally answer your question, YES THERE IS IT’S CALLED DIRTY BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME CHARACTER, SO TECHNICALLY NO? It’s the same universe though. And no Raw and Willing Captive ARE NOT RELATED.

search terms, by the book:

•  making face by amy harmon // LOVED IT
•  transcendence shay savage // caveman, literally
•  and i darken kiersten white // YAS PEOPLE YAS also why you need to read it
•  bdb series book 13 // The Shadows
•  victory is in the battle making faces faces amy harmon // ?
•  what is twist in black lies alessandra torre // How dare you, I am NOT going to spoil the book, shame on you *hugs books and whispers my precioussss*
•  why did dornan ross want to kill julie’s father in seven sons by lil st germain // Same policy applies
•  ambrose young // Amy Harmon’s Making Faces is everywhere, one of my 6 star books, yes it’s THAT good!
•  mae y styx // Awww ?
•  making faces amy harmon // see?????
•  lovely pages // Yay finally someone searched for it. Thanks mom, you rock!
•  jr ward
•  sex love repeat alessandra torre ep // ep? IT’S A BOOK
•  jessica mae darhower blog // You middle named her! Here.
•  its wrong but feels right // I’m assuming you mean the quote from Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma?

How can something so wrong feel so right?

search terms, by weird:
  • lovers hugging each other with quote
  • sex // of course you did of course you did
  • certain people don’t excite me anymore // That’s not… that’s not for… me… right? RIGHT?
  • a paper on parents present but absent // What in the world? Did you mean Absent Parents in YA?
  • she guarded herself like a secret // Good for her!
  • telling the whole truth // okay there take it easy
  • but why not feel // ithinkimgoingtostopthisnowok

So there you have it. Those random and some reaaally really creepy stuff lead people to my blog. I’m sorry but not really, ha!

What’s the weirdest search term that lead people to your blog?

9 thoughts on “Weird Search Terms That Lead To Me”

  1. Lol fun post. I love looking at search terms and thinking to myself, “That person totally did not find what they were looking for,” or getting excited because I totally do have a post about what they searched. But most of the time my blog doesn’t show me search terms, it just tells me they’re unknown :-/
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales from Verania Book 1) by TJ KluneMy Profile

  2. Hahaha these are quite funny! I honestly wish I could tell you what my weirdest search terms are, but I can’t find them?? Apparently, I’m technologically illiterate when it comes to search terms. I have been TRYING to find them for ages. And I know I’m missing out on some laughs. I have to be. Thanks for the laughs I otherwise cannot gain from my own search terms 😛

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