ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. (Bad blogger, 99% of the time I forget to add this but I always mention netgalley on my reviews, that’s the same thing right?)

3 stars!

What a unique book, I don’t even know where to start; first of all when I see a story marked as realistic fiction I tend to stay away from it cause all the realistic fiction I’ve read so far seems to be far from realistic to me but I can happily say this is an exception, so realistic and unique at the same time, great writing and voice, totally refreshing and against the YA trend. I love the cover and the summary that screams interesting, when I saw it on Goodreads I couldn’t wait so I immediately went to netgalley and yes, it was up for request, I couldn’t be happier!

This one is about Ryden. Just a teenage boy that got his girlfriend pregnant. Meg though, his girlfriend, she was sick and after getting pregnant she decided to stop chemo treatment and that’s how Ryden – with his own daddy issues – ended up with an infant, a dead girlfriend and only a few diaries to give him a tiny glimpse of what went through Meg’s mind during this whole pregnancy.

To say I was thrilled to read a male POV would be an understatement! Finally a dude’s POV and to top it off this is not a fluffy setting, this is some serious plot, and for the majority of the time I loved how real it felt, Ryden suddenly finds himself at a total different direction from where his life was headed and now he has to play catch up; I even liked Ryden’s mom in this one cause she was present, she was a mom, even though sometimes she didn’t agree with her son’s choices, he had a daughter and she respected his decisions anyway. I liked that, she was unlike a lot of YA moms.

My issue with this one were the secondary characters, Ryden’s story was so powerful as a standalone that I felt the rest of the characters and especially Joni didn’t really fit into it, it simply felt too crowded at times and with too many things happening for the slow pace of the story, I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was less messy, Ryden and Meg, Meg’s journal, Ryden and his mom, Ryden and his dad, Ryden and his daughter Hope, Ryden and his friends, way too many people for this beautiful story to shine through.

That being said, I really liked it, loved the POV finally, liked the progress, and the real feel of it, plus Ryden and Hope were so cure trying to figure out one another and this parenthood thing, definitely a good summer read!




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